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a. Only applies to commercial property; Doggy Day Cares, apartment complexes and Watering Bowl. 
a. Does not impact single family homes. 

b. Submit an application that does not exist, and the Department has sole authority without guidelines to approve 
    or disapprove.  
  a. The Departments ruling can not be appealed. 
         i.  All current apartment complexes and Doggy Day Cares are currently illegal and the Health department has the right to close them down. 
             1. Public dog parks with families that have kids with them, are illegal.  Every morning the hundreds of Denver City citizens that get a morning                             coffee and hit the dog park – illegal and could face a $1,998 fine for their morning coffee.  
        ii.  If the apartment does not file an application (that does not exist) the apartment complex could be forced to close the Dog Play Yard despite being                 open for years and the main reason why you moved into an apartment complex. 

c. C. Restrictions on Persons. 
         a. The following restrictions shall apply to persons within an Off-Leash Enclosure: 1. Any person ten (10) years of age or younger is not permitted in                 an Off-Leash Enclosure. 
i. Kids under 10 are not allowed in the Dog Play Yard. 
                1. For example, if a parent takes their dog, 9 year old, and a cup of coffee to their apartment complex Dog-Play-Yard, the parent and apartment                         complex could be fined $2,997.00 each ($999 X 3). If you add in a snack the fine could total $3,996.00 to both the apartment complex and                             parent. 

          b. 2. Any person eleven (11) to fifteen (15) years of age must be accompanied by an adult eighteen (18) years of 
              age or older. 
           i. Same as for 10 and under, however if your 15 YO high school kid takes the dog for a walk around the block or down to the Dog-Play-Yard                             he/she is also breaking the law.   
                 1. Same example, 17 Y.O. takes the family dog to their apartment complex DPY with a soda, bag of chips, and the dog the parent and apartment                      complex is subject to a $2,997 fine. 
           c. 3. Every dog must be accompanied by a person who is sixteen (16) years of age or older. 
        i. 16 & 17 Y.O. – not allowed to walk a dog around the block.   
              ii. How will this be enforced. Will law enforcement walk up to a family in their apartment complex or a patio of a restaurant and force the parents to                    show the 9 and 10 y.o. kid’s identification? Do the parents get fined or arrested for not having picture ID for their kids?  

           d. 4. A person may not bring more than two (2) dogs at a time to an Off-Leash Enclosure. 
        i. Will limit rescues and volunteer organizations. 

d. Fencing – must have at a minimum 5’ fence. 
a. Must include double gates that auto close. 
           b. If the establishment does not meet the new fencing guidelines, they will have 60 days to comply. 

e. Food and Beverages Restriction. The Owner and Operator shall prohibit the consumption of human food and 
alcoholic beverages within the Off-Leash Enclosure and Buffer Zone.

 a. No human food or beverage allowed. That includes water, coffee, gum, snacks, and alcohol.   
           b. This provision will force the WB to close.  
                i. The city has stated on record that “people can not be trusted to make sound judgement to care for their dog if they drink”.  
                   1. The city of Denver stance is that people can not have 1 beer or glass of whine and have the 
mental and or physical ability to care for a pet.    

f. Must have leash or voice command over the dog

7.0 Violations 
g. A. Any Owner or Operator of an Off-Leash Enclosure who violates these rules may face a maximum penalty of $999.00 per violation and the Department may revoke its written approval authorizing Owner or Operator to operate an Off-Leash Enclosure. 

h. B. Any dog owner, or person who possesses or keeps a dog on behalf of a dog owner, who violates these rules may face a maximum penalty of $999.00      per violation.
a. Impacts of the fine.  Let’s use the example above.   
        i. Facts, Single mom, 10 pound dog, 7 Y.O. child, Coffee and a breakfast snack bar.  
           1. The kid, liquid and snack – If a law enforcement officer see the family in the DPY, that single Mom could face a fine of $2,997.00 that morning!   

           1. Apartment complex strict enforcement.   
               a. One of the enforcement actions the City is trying to approve allows them to revoke permitting.   
                    i. An apartment complex will be forced, with feel of loosing the permits, to restrict or close access to the dog play yard. Will be forced to                                     discriminate against families with children.  
                       1. An apartment complex will not risk closure for a parent’s morning coffee and ability to exercise their family pet. 

                 What does the residences of Denver that support or oppose these regulations need to do:

You MUST show up at the December 13, 2018 Animal Shelter 1241 W. Bayaud Ave. Community Room and be heard. If you can not make it, send an email with your concerns to: – Board email

Here is the city’s contact information to reach them.  

Denver Department of Public Health & Environment
101 W. Colfax Ave, Suite 800
Denver, CO 80202

Monday - Friday
8 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Phone: 720.865.5484
Fax: 720.865.5530

                                                OFF-LEASH ENCLOSURE SIGNAGE REQUIREMENTS

• Children 10 years of age and younger are not permitted in the Off-Leash Enclosure.

• Children 11 to 15 years of age must be accompanied by an adult (18 years or older).

• Any person in charge of a dog must be 16 years of age or older.

• Any one person may not be in charge of more than 2 dogs at a time.

• Enter at your own risk.

• You assume full responsibility for your dog(s) and injury to any other person or dog.

• Dogs must be leashed when entering and exiting the Off-Leash Enclosure.

• A leash must be available at all times for your dog(s).

• While off leash, your dog(s) must be under your control and within view at all times.

• Dog excrement must be cleaned up immediately and disposed of properly by the dog owner.

• Dogs without a current rabies vaccination tag, female dogs in estrus, and Dangerous or Potentially Dangerous Animals as defined in Sections 8-62 and

  8-63 of the Denver Revised Municipal Code are prohibited.

• For your safety, human food and alcoholic beverages in the Off-Leash Enclosure are prohibited.   

Denver Leash Law Fight

If you can, please help us in our fight to help protect you, your family, and your pets!

Who are we raising money for? Denver County is trying to restrict its residences from exercising their family pet with additional unwarranted government regulations. Watering Bowl and its founder, Justin Henry, have been fighting the city for years and needs the public’s help to protect you, your family and pets basic rights. Justin has already spent over $106,000 in this fight against the county.